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Greetings Earthlings . . .

You as well as Others around you may not be aware at the moment that you are a series of dots that represents Intellectual - Individuals gathering together to Form a: S.S.T.G. [Solid Social Technological Grid]. While Engaging in the exchange of Information and Networking, you are like industrial-grade bolts that hold up a space plasma wall.

Join Vox-Astro. Our team will introduce:

a NEW _______ERA...

a NEW __________MOVEMENT...

a NEW_______________REVOLUTION...

. . . . . . . N2 this Dimension!

Tittle: "The GENESIS PROJECT" [panel No. 1 of 100]

Artist: Lazarus7

Medium: Prismacolor pencil

Date: 1987


Planz are being chartered for the Kourse and Lokation of

The Vox-Astro Komplex.

This location will be placed between Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and Sea World in Orlando, Florida for tourists’ and localz’ konvenience.

NOTE: Our team is Kolaberating with two Florida-based Universities for the layout planz, BLUEPRINT design, and Mechanikal detailz.

Estimated Kost: $100 Million

Launching: The ASTRO Techwear INFUSSION clothing line for the ...Gay & Straight  . . .G E E K - Kommunity!


"Mothership Invazion"

KOMPLEX: A building complex is a collection of interconnected buildings with a common purpose or which are somehow related. Our complex will be: The First SCI-FI  TECH SPACE Futuristic Museum all rolled into one. It will have a GEEK hub mall and embedded gaming stadiums infused with:

  • A.I.
  • V.R.

  • A.R.
  • M.R.

  • Simulation
  • Robotics

The shell architecture will resemble an ominous UFO Spaceship that crash landed on this planet. The interior will be reminiscent of analog vintage, sleek retro, and cyber punk movie sets.

We will showcase the new, while housing the old. Our complex will feature:

  • Technology
  • Database
  • Treat-Bytes
  • Galleries

  • Sci-Fi Escape Rooms
  • Language-Font
  • Music

  • Clothing Line
  • Limited Edition Models
  • Merchandise From Other Dimensions

Our complex will feature movies in the genre of:

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Outer Limits
  • Forbidden Planet-Krell
  • Blade Runner

  • Space 1999
  • TRON
  • Frankenstein
  • Prometheus

  • Alien
  • And More!

Business | Recreational | Entertainment

Multimedia Display

Our Specializations

  • A.I.
  • GEEk PriDE!
  • AniMe
  • AniMaOiuX
  • AniMatiON
  • ARt
  • KomiCz

  • DiGitAL ViZ
  • TeCH-FlaGSHiPz
  • FUtuRisTIK
  • InLigHTeNmeNT
  • InnOVAtioN
  • INvENtioN
  • KOLoSSaL GaMiNg MaCHinAreNA
  • KoNcePT

  • MeCH-BoT MuSeUM
  • SiMUL-8-iON
  • V.R.
  • MuZik
  • ReSeARcH
  • SCi-Fi

Inquire about our “ASTRO-Movement” and analysis!

Check Back Later

4 NEW Updates 2 our


"Age of ASTRO Enlightenment"

[thE BiG kiD-GEeK-NErD HeAdQUarTeRZ ]

About Uz

Our company is based on the belief that our customer’s entertainment fused with enlightenment is of the utmost importance. We as a team make things happen. As a result, a high percentage of our business will be from repeat customers and referrals.

When our TECH-KOMPLEX is komplete, we would be honored to have the opportunity to earn your trust and loyalty. We will also deliver you the best service and experience in the industry.

Our Celeztial Koordinates

Galaxy: The Milky Way

360-Degree Photographic Panorama of the Galaxy

The Milky Way (sometimes referred to simply as “the Galaxy”) is a barred spiral galaxy that is part of the local group of gravitationally bound systems. Although it is one of the billions of galaxies in the observable universe, the Milky Way has a special significance to humanity as it is the home of the planet Earth.

The plane of the Galaxy is visible from Earth as a band of light in the night sky. The appearance of this band of light inspired the name, the Milky Way.

Some sources hold that, strictly speaking, the term Milky Way should refer exclusively to the observation of the band of light. Meanwhile the full name Milky Way Galaxy, or alternatively the Galaxy, should be used to describe our galaxy as an astrophysical whole. It is unclear how widespread the usage of this convention is. However, the term is routinely used in either context.

View From Earth

The Milky Way, as viewed from the Earth, is situated on one of the spiral arms of the galaxy. It appears as a hazy band of white light in the night sky, arching across the entire celestial sphere originating from stars and other material which lie within the galactic plane.

The Galaxy looks brightest in the direction of the constellation of Sagittarius, toward the galactic center. Relative to the celestial equator, it passes as far north as the constellation of Cassiopeia and as far south as the constellation of Crux. It indicates the high inclination of Earth’s equatorial plane and the plane of the ecliptic relative to the galactic plane.

The fact that the Milky Way divides the night sky into two roughly equal hemispheres indicates that our solar system lies close to the galactic plane. The Galaxy has a relatively low surface brightness, making it difficult to see from any urban or suburban location suffering from light pollution.

Our Kneighbor

“Great Andromeda Nebula” from 1899, later identified as The Andromeda Galaxy

Our Kozmik Lokation

Planet: Earth

Home to millions of species, including humans, Earth is the only place in the universe where life is known to exist. Scientific evidence indicates that the planet was formed 4.54 billion years ago, and life appeared on its surface within a billion years.

Since then, Earth’s biosphere has significantly altered the atmosphere and other abiotic conditions on the planet. It enabled the proliferation of aerobic organisms as well as the formation of the ozone layer which, together with the Earth’s magnetic field, blocks harmful radiation, permitting life on land.

Aphelion 152,097,701 km

1.0167103335 AU 147,098,074 km

0.9832898912 AU149,597,887.5 km

1.0000001124 AU0.016710219365.256366 days

1.0000175 yr 29.783 km/s

107,218 km/hReference (0)

7.25° to Sun's equator 348.73936°114.20783° 1 (the Moon)

6,371.0 km6,378.1 km6,356.8 km0.0033528 40,075.02 km (equatorial)

40,007.86 km (meridional)

40,041.47 km (mean)510,072,000 km²

148,940,000 km² land (29.2 %)

361,132,000 km² water (70.8 %)1.0832073×10 km³ 5.9736×10 kg5.5153 g/cm³ 9.780327m/s²

0.99732 g 11.186 km/s

40,270 km/h

0.997258 d

23 56 04.09054465.11 m/s23.439281°0.367184 K287 K 331 K-89 °C14 °C57.7 °C Terrestrial, Terran, Telluric, Tellurian, Earthly 101.3 kPa (MSL) 78.08% Nitrogen (N)

20.95% Oxygen (O)

0.93% Argon

0.038% Carbon dioxide

About 1% water vapor (varies with climate)

More to come soon

Our Global – Lokal Lokation

Country: U.S.

State: Florida

Town: Orlando

Street: International Drive (Future Plans of Relokation)



Mizzion Statement | Our Philozophy

We are a Determined KLUSTER with a Goal. That Goal is to earn your Trust and Loyalty and deliver you the best Service and Experience in the industry.

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