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Athenaeum, also Athenæum or Atheneum, is used to name educational institutions or periodicals focusing on literary, scientific, or artistic studies. The name originated from the classical Greek god, Athena (who represents wisdom), in the same way that the word museum is formed from muse (meaning culture).


The picture above is an EXAMPLE of one of our typikal "In-House TOYS" in Orlando, Florida





An NTR-AK-TIV G.L.A.S.S. BRAIN [Gigantik GREY MATTER MACHINE] will also be on display within the Main Lobby.


Present or Future

School of Athens

“Once Greek…”

Vox - Astro
“…Now Geek”


The ancient, underground city of the Krell on Altair, from Forbidden Planet

The ATHENAEUM will aid the new Generation Embracing Technology and Space to build a FUTURISTIK Society. We seek to inspire others on this journey of life within the entertainment dimension. Together, we should learn and develop more ways for the betterment of civilization. Intellect and history will both teach us, but that is if only we listen.

The “I” Twins

The evil twin of intelligence is none other than ignorance. We believe that with knowledge comes responsibility and duty. Wisdom gives us humility and sets out to destroy our ego, resulting in us not ruining each other.

The Rise of G E E K T O W N

Orlando, Florida is otherwise known as the tourist capital of the world. However, it will soon change within one cosmic event, which will occur under our watchful eye. When all elements are locked in place, G E E K T O W N will arise as the center of Geekopolis.

[[[ VOX-ASTRO konceptual hidden KONTROL CENTER ]]]

Florida Cyber-tek Sektor (Naming Competition)

Hello, contest participants! We are eager to see the names you have constructed for this region’s high-tech sector. The following titles have been submitted:

  1. Cyber Canyon
  2. Cyber-Coast

3. G E E K T O W N

4. Geekopolis


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