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To help you gain an understanding of what Vox-Astro in Orlando, Florida is and what we aim for, we present to you the digital diary of our founder, Lazarus Mitchell. Read his entries to understand how he thinks and how he plans to achieve his goals.


ASTRO-LOG-DATE | 6.10.2006

3:17 AM…

Can’t sleep. The Mind is restless, and my Concepts/ Dreams/ and Visions are stirring again. I am their mutual captive. It is as if I am trapped within my own dream movie where I have seen the film, but this sequence in my life is, or has been ...put on pause. I am in some ways intimidated by the movie set, due to its extravagant cost and colossal size.

Being a positive thinker has kept my spirits believing this to be more of a blessing and burden in time, than a curse. I can’t give in to believing it can’t be built as others might have concluded. Nor discouraged by setbacks.

Truth to the matter is that I have been overwhelmed by the support of lawyers and professionals in the this field, along with close friends. Yet still I am stranded on a financially deserted island, with only minimal supplies of computers and electronic devices.

I have devised a map of escape, but I am stuck with only blueprints of a flagship to sail away. This is my dilemma…there isno ship to repair. It hasn’t been constructed yet. If there was only an “Extreme Company Makeover” for those stuck, on the “Eve of an Empire” type Brainstormed Idea-Dilemma. Yet lack of funds keeps me in a Frozen Mode of being unable to afford the copyright/ patent lawyers, builders. or even marketers for this product.

A Trade Secrete…I am advised they call it, and the name fits well. I am turning blue just simply holding it inside of my head until I can find the right investors and supporters to trust until this sees the light of day. I have been advised by those in the legal area not to disclose too much for my own safety. Trust can be a can be a two edged sword delivering you to a triumphant victory or slicing you into a betrayal of defeat.

Every day, I have the odd feeling that I’m in the wrong place, struggling from paycheck to paycheck to pay the bills, while my mission lies elsewhere…waiting. Like the son of a Master Mind King that knows where his place is in life. We are born into this world, and there is an assortment of lives you may live. Happy or sad it may be at times, many just go through the motions routinely or are on autopilot before they die.

Mine is not of such. As life has passed I have only become more aware that my appointment here on this planet is to create a Machine that would turn human eyes toward the heavens… The heavens of 'Outer Space'. My attempt as many before me is to try to make the best possible choices with my present possibilities. Ages ago they were called Pioneers, now they carry the name of Entrepreneurs.

This ‘Space-Cadet’ pawn (Lazarus) has reached the ranks of a Cyber Knight through the educational system, aided by simple knowledge. The only problem here is that now he is feeling the obstacles and pressures of achieving the proper channels for reaching multiple keystone bishops, queens and kings.

If he could only get a hold of their jesters to relay my message in a riddle. Or perhaps a message in the bottle to the Castle of Hollywood. Well I am truly determined and I thank God that age, health, and time has been most generous in being patient plus supportive in aiding me. This is an encouragement in itself along with my strong motivating drive and nuclear type of mental/physical energy.

Yet, I still know the hour glass of life is still running out of sand on one end. Even though it seems I have been frozen in time, and given an extension from up high to achieve this mission. I feel as if I even look at life differently. I am just a messenger, perhaps inventor, or even a chef, if you might have it. I have no need to entice you with riddles, but the three mentioned before can paint the canvas.

1. As a messenger, Dorothy had it made in the shade. At least she knew the 'yellow brick road' rout to meet the almighty “OZ”. Accompanied by allies from within the world's forest, to protect each fragile life against the perils of those who would sabotage a mission.

2. I’m no Einstein, but Invision a Robot, hidden away from society, on the “Dark Side of the Moon”. Designed and built in the past, with precise instructions to perform on the other side one day, where others dwell. Unfortunately, for this tin man, all power supplies have been deplenished in time. The lab technicians have now realized - only those within society with wealth and high positions can afford the "power packs" needed to activate and propel him to the other side.

3Alas, chocolate is everyone’s best friend. One in the same with icing. Yet for an instance, ponder a cake - one that is complex and multi-layered. Most of the ingredients are known to mankind, but the Design/ Recipe? Here lies the mystery. It can be built, but no one (cook or villager) has ever seen nor tasted a cake such as this….(pause of thought___to silence)

PS. Daybreak is approaching soon……. I must rest. 4:49AM


FIN oV Tranzmizzion!

Kurrent Interstellar [Newz]

NASA Spacecraft Successfully Lands on Mars

This image provided by NASA, JPL-Caltech and the University of Arizona shows a portion of the Phoenix Mars Lander and the Martian surface after it landed on the planet on Sunday, May 25, 2008. The spacecraft touched down in the northern polar region of the planet after a 422 million-mile flight from Earth.

(AP Photo/NASA, JPL-Caltech, University of Arizona)

One of the first color images from the Phoenix Mars Lander shows the surface of Mars after the Phoenix Mars Lander spacecraft landed successfully in the first-ever touchdown near Mars' north pole May 25, 2008.


Team members, from left, Ed Weiler, Charles Elachi, Peter Smith and project manager Barry Goldstein conduct a news conference at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. as they discuss NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander after it landed safely on Mars near its north pole, Sunday, May 25, 2008.

In this photograph, spacecraft specialists are viewing the lander after the fan-like circular solar arrays to be used on the surface of Mars have been spread open for testing.

NASA's next Mars-bound spacecraft, the Phoenix Mars Lander, was partway through assembly and testing at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver, in September 2006, progressing toward an August 2007 launch from Florida.

In this photograph, spacecraft specialists work on the lander after its fan-like circular solar arrays have been spread open for testing. The arrays will be in this configuration when the spacecraft is active on the surface of Mars.

Phoenix will land in icy soils near the north polar permanent ice cap of Mars and explore the history of the water in these soils and any associated rocks, while monitoring polar climate. It will dig into the surface, test scooped-up samples for carbon-bearing compounds and serve as NASA’s first exploration of a potential habitat on Mars.

Jupiter Gets New Freckle

A Hubble close-up of the three red ovals in an undated image.

Monday, May 26, 2008

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Jupiter has a new freckle -- a third red spot much smaller than the well-known Great Red Spot and a newer one dubbed Red Spot Jr., scientists said on Thursday.

The new spot arose from a white oval-shaped storm, and its change to a red color indicates that the storm is swirling up high into the Jovian atmosphere, the international team of planetary scientists said.

The images, taken by the orbiting Hubble space telescope and the Keck telescope in Hawaii, may support the idea that climate change is under way on Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

Amateur planet-gazer Christopher Go of Cebu in the Philippines helped locate the new development.

The gas giant's temperatures may be changing by 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (27 to 36 degrees C), perhaps driving more turbulent storms.

While the Great Red Spot has been visible for as long as 350 years, Red Spot Jr. had only been around since 2006. The team at the University of California Berkeley said all three spots represent storms and must be towering above the methane in Jupiter's atmosphere.

"If this spot and the Great Red Spot continue on their courses, they will encounter each other in August, and the small oval will either be absorbed or repelled from the Great Red Spot," Michael Wong of Berkeley, who worked on the study, said in a statement.

Reporting by Maggie Fox; Editing by Julie Steenhuysen

These are two views of Jupiter's Little Red Spot taken with the Hubble Space Telescope in April 2006. The left image is a close-up view. In the right image, a box has been added to show the Little Red Spot's location on Jupiter. The larger Great Red Spot, which has been observed for the past 400 years, can be seen to the right. (Credit: NASA / ESA / Amy Simon-Miller)