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Meet Our Mentorz N Heroes

The team at Vox-Astro in Orlando, Florida has learned from some of the best minds in science and fiction. We have been inspired by the technological advances that our mentors and heroes have pushed forth. Get to know each one of them and see their contributions to the field of science.

George Lucas

George Lucas poses for a portrait with a pair of Storm Troopers from his ‘Star Wars’ films. Lucas offered a glimpse of his upcoming ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ in Las Vegas

Arthur C. Clarke

  • Arthur C. Clarke was made a Knight Bachelor by the queen in the 1998 New Years’ Honours List.
  • In a letter to Stuart Kingsley dated March 8, 1993, Arthur reported on the outcome of the OSETI I conference. He made the following statement, “The reactions of your colleagues are obviously shaping up according to the old pattern:”
    • Don’t waste my time, it’s absolute nonsense.
    • It’s possible, but it’s not worth doing.
    • I said it was a good idea all along.

Wolfgang Palm

Robert Moog


Vox-Astro networks with intellectualz from our planet and otherz. We make contact with those that speak and support our language.

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